cavapoo puppies for sale

Cavapoos (aka Cavoodles or Cavadoodles) and mini Cavapoos are a mix of a mini Poodle (or toy Poodle) and a purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Cavapoo puppies are wonderful with children; they seldom meet a stranger and love being with people. They are some of the most calm of all doodle varieties. They seldom bark, and they love to cuddle.


Our puppies are kept up to date on vaccinations, parasites prevention and control. They go home with a registration certificate, a written health certificate from the vet and an extended genetic health guarantee, along with a blanket and enough puppy food to get you started. ( Cavapoo puppies for sale )

poodle puppies for sale
Cavapoo puppies for sale


(These advantages are typically the case, but cannot be guaranteed to be true of each individual doodle puppy.) 1) Healthier due to Cavapoo hybrid vigor 2) Hypoallergenic Cavapoo Coat (particularly true of f1b Cavapoos) 3) Calm and quiet Cavapoo Personality 4) Cavapoos are usually very friendly with kids 5) Small breed (Cavapoos are one of the smallest doodle breeds)

Gentle Cavapoo Puppies For Sale Temperament.

Cavapoo puppies are a mix of two highly intelligent purebred dogs – the Mini Poodle and the Cavalier King Charles spaniel. These puppies are very smart and responsive to their owners, making them highly trainable.

Cavapoos are a toy designer breed. Full-grown Cavapoo puppies can reach between 8 and 20 pounds. If you love small, intelligent dogs, then you will appreciate the amazing attributes of the Cavapoo, a cross between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Poodle. Also, known as the Cavadoodle or Cavoodle, this designer breed originated in Australia and has become incredibly popular in the United States due to its low shedding characteristic and obvious intelligence. Australian breeders began intentionally mixing the Cavalier Spaniel and the Poodle back in the 90s in a bid to create a puppy with the amazing qualities of both breeds.

Cavapoo puppies, like their parents, impress with keen intelligence, a sweet-loving nature, and pure puppy love. While adopting a puppy is a beautiful journey in itself, it is also a decision that will be rewarded with unconditional love and friendship for many years to come. There is nothing more beautiful than taking a new puppy home. .

Cavapoo Puppies For Sale

Cavapoo puppies for sale are known to be people-lovers, adaptable, intelligent, and allergen-friendly, and they are ideal for almost any dog lover! Often used as therapy dogs, these loving puppies bond closely with their owners and love to  cuddle and play. Their small size means they don’t need a  lot of space or exercise to stay healthy. Browse our Cavapoo puppies for sale and find a delightful friend and companion for you and your family! 


 Outgoing, playful, and gentle, the Cavapoo is an ideal companion dog for all types of different people. The Cavapoo is are a social breed that requires significant amounts of attention, so they’re not a good choice for people who are away from home frequently or for long periods of time. Cavapoos thrive on spending time with their human  “pack,” and some have a tendency to become attached to one person and designate them as their “pack leader.” Still, Cavapoosget along well with strangers, children, and other dogs, though they tend to prefer humans over animals. Intelligent and  eager to please, the Cavapoo is a highly trainable dog that’s a good fit for first-time or novice dog owners.


Both parent breeds, Poodles and Cavaliers,  are outgoing, friendly breeds. Cavapoos are affectionate and playful; and will usually greet strangers warmly. They do best in settings where they receive lots of attention from their owners and can develop separation anxiety if left alone. Cavapoos are easygoing and usually get along with anyone in the family – including other pets.

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If you want the most professional experience adopting a quality puppy, you need to work with Fred shopping teacup puppies. From our first conversation one night in November 2020 to the moment we received Lisa , the most beautiful and healthy Poodle puppy you could ever had hoped for. Fred shopping teacup puppies the most reliable breeders in the world and so trustworthy and honest! Thank You Fred. You filled a massive void in my heart after losing our buddy after 13 years!
I purchased my little love after I had lost my husband. Her name was Daisy but she is now my little Bella. Our “gotcha day” was December 2, 2020. She has been the perfect little companion for me. She goes absolutely everywhere I go, or I don’t go. Thank you for such a beautiful little girl to give me all her unconditional love. Proud momma, Katherine
Katherine Pola
We feel very lucky to have found Fred shopping teacup puppies. As first time dog/puppy owners, we had a LOT of questions. Fred has been so helpful and patient as we navigate puppy parenthood. They’re passionate about poodles and truly care about the dogs they breed. (They’re taking our little Max when we go on vacation this summer!) We have the most adorable, hilarious puppy, and if/when we get another it will definitely be a Fred shopping teacup puppies.
Dawson Family
This was our first puppy. I feel so lucky that I found a honest breeder Fred. He was so nice and answered all my questions. We adopted Remi now Rufus. This whole process was so easy. We now have our new edition to our family. I have friends that have dogs and they said you are so lucky you got yourself a great puppy. Rufus is so adorable and smart. We look forward to having be apart of our family. We feel lucky to have found Fred he is great breeder!!
Tyler Jones